Our Nursery Class has the capacity for 40 children in the morning session and 40 children in the afternoon.

In our last joint inspection in February 2005 the HMIe and the Care Commission said that the “children were happy and enthusiastic learners”. We also have a happy and enthusiastic Nursery Team who work hard to ensure that every child is nurtured and reaching his or her milestones in the early stage of the 3-18 Curriculum for Excellence.

We are very fortunate to have a play area in the centre of the school, called the “Flower Pot Garden” which the nursery children have access to as often as possible, Scottish weather permitting!

Our nursery team have very positive relationships with our parents and families and we actively encourage our nursery parents to be part of our school parent council. The nursery is an integral part of the school and we take every opportunity to include the nursery staff and children in whole school activities